METGROW+ contributed to the H2020 RDI & CAS Project Cluster Conference 19.4.2018 in Brussels

METGROW+ contributed to the planning and execution of the Cluster Conference 19.4.2018 in Brussels. The Cluster Conference focused on increasing impact from exploitation by merging different stakeholder groups and grant programs from national and regional level. Several RDI and CAS actions were presented around the valorization of domestic European resources, most focusing on low grade or complex materials. Daneel Geysen from Group Machiels gave an interesting presentation about the METGROW+ project in general and how Group Machiels can exploit the project results. Daneel was very positive about the results obtained so far. He and his colleagues look forward to the piloting results from the validation work package, which has just started in the METGROW+ project.

In addition to H2020 projects, speakers from DG Grow and EASME gave key notes on accompanying policy aspects and lessons learned about the industrial impact of HORIZON 2020 Raw Materials projects. Participants of the Cluster Conference were able to share ideas and continue networking.